Our Story


—  Our Story  —

We are very passionate about the culture of wine but one thing we can do without is the stuffiness. We appreciate great wines but leave pretentiousness at the door. Our winery and tasting room on Anderson Street in East Bayside speaks to this philosophy - a no-frills, come as you are, friendly and funky place meant to join good people with good wine.


Blue Lobster Urban Winery was founded by Chris Gamble. His passion for wine had been growing for years and after working at a vineyard and winery out of state he fell in love with the industry and knew he had to bring it back to Portland. But he wasn’t convinced of opening another traditional winery in the countryside. He wanted to be IN the city he loved. And he wanted to rethink how wine was sold; how it was packaged. He grabbed an idea from the bustling brewery scene in Maine and looked into canning and kegging his wines. It was perfect for many reasons. Years later the tasting room is open on Anderson Street in Portland and has gone from selling wine to just a handful of stores around Portland to all over Maine. It seems others think wine in cans and kegs works for them, too!

Photo by Elle Darcy

Photo by Elle Darcy