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Why cans?


Convenient, sustainable, economical and little waste. Perfect for boating, camping (think lighter packs!) or poolside barbeques. Wine in cans is smart for several reasons; sunlight can’t get in, little-to-no oxygen, hard to break, lightweight, better for the environment...the list goes on. And with no effect on taste, we thought it was a no-brainer. So enjoy our wines and please recycle!

Our Selection




Bright, vibrant and juicy.
Burts with aromas and flavors of red fruits.



Unoaked and crisp.
Hints of yellow peach and granny smith apples.



Light, dry and crisp.
Hints of strawberry and grapefruit.

Blueberry Infused Wine.jpg

Special Release

A Cabernet Sauvignon Blend infused with wild blueberries from the coastal hills of Downeast Maine

Why Kegs?

Every glass of wine you serve should taste as the winemaker intended. But once a bottle is open, the wine is exposed to oxygen, causing it to lose its brightness — both in color and in flavor. Blue Lobster Wine Company’s wine on tap stays fresh from the first glass to the last, ensuring a consistent pour every time. In short, a better glass of wine. Your customers will thank you. And since our kegs are 100% recyclable, the earth will thank you, too.


From the first glass to the last, every pour is fresh, just as the winemaker intended. No oxidation, no bad pours, no more wasted wine.

Revolutionary technology makes Blue Lobster Wine Company the safest, best tasting, most efficient and sustainable way to serve wine by the glass.

Glass is expensive—to produce, to ship, and to recycle. Wine on tap provides you with greater value in the form of reduced packaging, increased ease of recycling, and decreased loss of wine from oxidation.

Each lightweight 20liter keg is equivalent to just over 26 bottles of wine, making it easier to handle, store, and recycle. It’s also easier to serve. No bottles to fetch, seals to cut, or corks to remove. Just pull the tap. And when the keg is empty? Put it out with your regular recycling. No deposits, no returns.

Our oneway kegs are 100% recyclable, with many of their key components produced from 100% recycled materials. And they don’t need to be returned, which means decreased transport demands and reduced CO2 emissions.